Car Safety Checks

At Hale Barns Garage, we carry out car safety checks to identify any problems just sitting there unnoticed, under the bonnet, waiting to cause you upset when you least want it. We’ll specify the issues and get them fixed fast so that they don’t have the opportunity to get any more harmful and end up dumping you with avoidable expensive repairs.

It is possible to do these checks yourself if you don’t have time to book in before a trip or a long journey. However, if you don’t want the hassle or don’t feel comfortable, bring your car into our workshop in Altrincham where we can carry them out for you in no time. Most safety checks include simple but important things like lights, fluid levels, tyre inflation, brakes, battery, and a few others.

To find out more about Car Safety Checks in Altrincham, get in touch online or call Hale Barns Garage on 0161 980 4116

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