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Hale Barns Garage offers inexpensive, reliable wheel balancing in Altrincham. Wheel balancing is an important part of vehicle upkeep which will prolong the life of your tyres and will enhance the safety of your vehicle. Once your wheels are balanced, you’ll have a smoother ride, even wear on the tyres and notably, more miles per gallon.

You need to have your wheels balanced whenever you fit two or four new tyres (replacing one tyre at a time isn’t advised as this can produce its own issues with balancing as well as with alignment and the handling of your vehicle). Because of the way we drive and the conditions of the roads that we drive on, you’ll likely need to have your wheels balanced every 5,000 miles because by this time wear will be forming.

To find out more about Wheel Balancing in Altrincham, get in touch online or call Hale Barns Garage on 0161 980 4116

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